Rachel’s Esoteric Journey

By Lorraine Kemble

                                                                    4. Empress

RWS Tarot 03 Empress

                                                                                             Image from RWS Tarot

Possessing a first class CV, Rachel has a job promotion into a thriving property company. Although persevering, she feels drowned and is ready to give in her notice. However, soon after, Rachel finds herself liking all the ‘social perks’ that come with the job;  earning more commission. She is physically attracted to one of the young ‘up-and-coming’, entrepreneurial men under whom she works. Zach invites her out on a few extravagant dates, even taking her on a yacht in the Mediterranean. She finds herself infatuated and besotted by him; even though she has a nagging sense that he is unsuitable for her. They clash about many principles and merely suit each other superficially; yet, he proposes to her and they get married. Rachel is majestic and gracious; embellishing it. 

Money is no object and they move into a beautiful home. She becomes pregnant and gives birth; now she recognises that she is unfulfilled, even though she has plenty of luxury. Rachel derives much happiness and energy by a deep affinity with nature. They have an awesome garden with mature trees and a stream in the grounds of their palatial house. She is rejuvenated by becoming a mother of three children, naturally loving them - more so than her shallow husband, who begins to repel her. She discovers that she is yearning for genuine emotion and depth of character. However, neither she nor her children want for anything material; possessing an abundance of everything to excess.

Numerically, its value is nine and three is the derivative.

The planetary rulership is Venus and its general all inclusiveness is the Great Mother archetype. 


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