Dragon Wisdom

Deck Review by Lalia Wilson

This 43 Card Oracle Deck and Book (2020) is Created by Christine Arana Fader, illustrated by Anja Kostka, and published by Earthdancer, an Inner Traditions Imprint.

This attractive full-color deck of 43 cards, each measuring 3 ½ inches X 5 inches, is a welcome deck for any who love high fantasy. In this deck, dragons represent various spiritual challenges or skills. In addition to the Dragons, there are four Chalices that represent the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. You will also see cards that represent the Elf Landa, the Wizard Merlin, and King Arthur. Each card is both an oracular device and meditation and spiritual advancement device. You can use the cards either way and benefit. 

As an oracle deck, there is no obvious path through the deck as you have with tarot decks. The cards in the 112-page guidebook are arranged alphabetically. You can use the cards as a single draw card, either blind draw or face up. You can use them for simple spreads as well. My recommendation is to do a card per day from this deck until you have familiarized yourself with the deck. During that time do the spiritual exercises that go along with your card of the day.

Let’s look at a few of these cards to give you a flavor of the deck. Shown on this page are:

Destiny: Indicating that the highest vibrations are available to support you now in claiming your place as the hero/heroine of your story. Keep your vibrations high and make good choices at this pivotal time. I love the dramatic colors of this powerful dragon.

Destiny Nov 2020 Dragon Wisdom Review 20200928 0001

Shadows: The black dragons come as a gift from the white dragon queen Alba to facilitate our ability to transform deep psychic injuries into love. Their arrival is also the signal that it is time to do this work. None of us is too happy to have to deal with our own shadows. This card, reminiscent of a scene out of Jurassic Park, says that it is time to confront and heal at least a portion of our Shadow. Do you have the will power to do so?

Shadows Nov 2020 Dragon Wisdom Review 20200928 0001

Temple of the Sun: Perhaps as a result of having confronted your shadow, you have been chosen by the Sun God to visit the Sun temple and view yourself through the Mirror of Truth. There you will find and connect to your true spiritual self. Take this image back with you into your everyday life.

Temple of the Sun Nov 2020 Dragon Wisdom Review 20200928 0001

Gifts: It is time to appreciate all the gifts we have received in our lifetime, such as good health, good parents, a financially secure childhood, a good education, good friends. Instead of focusing our energies on what we lack, focusing on what we have and have received is wise at this time. Christine Arana Fader recommends a three-day process in which we write a list of the gifts we have received and appreciated. The next day and the third day add to the list. Then gift two people who were instrumental in you having received these gifts. If they are no longer alive, Fader has a ritual to thank them anyway. Besides who cannot love this amusing dragon of gifts?

Gifts Nov 2020 Dragon Wisdom Review 20200928 0001

You will enjoy this deck!

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