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Lorraine Kemble

Lorraine Kemble is a Jewish woman born and living in London, UK and is a Healer, Master Reiki Practitioner and Counsellor. She strives to continue to build up understanding and awareness of healing from her own personal experience. She also maintains a great deal of respect for and learning from the wisdome of ancient philosophers and perception of the Tarot. 

Allan Ritchie

Allan Ritchie grew up on comics and reading pictures. Tarot was an inevitable step. Working creatively with the cards at first, learning and practicing then reading and teaching others, he now works with the Free Tarot Network and the Free Reading Network. Writing and new ideas keep drawing him back to the Tarot and other oracles.

Now with Sophie, his own Fool’s Dog, Allan continually looks forward to the next new book, deck, system and discovery and sharing what he learns with others. Allan can be reached at 

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Lalia Wilson
Assistant Editor

Lalia has used the tarot since 1969 when she received her first tarot (RWS) deck. She still has that deck along with many more. Primarily Lalia identifies as an astrologer, a subject that has been her passion since her first studies in 1965. She has written and taught about astrology, and written tarot columns for years. In addition to astrology and tarot, Lalia is a Kofutu Formula Master healer. Kofutu is a system of energy healing which is a useful addition to astrology and tarot both of which identify problems that Kofutu can heal. Lalia is an approved mediator in the Tennessee Courts, primarily mediating family cases. In addition to all this, Lalia has taught both chemistry and business at six different colleges and universities. Lalia is a two-and-a-half decade practitioner of Taoist Tai Chi ™. In addition to a love of reading, Lalia crochets. 

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Terri Clement

Terri is a featured reader at many local events in the greater Puget Sound area. She has been reading professionally since 2005. Terri is very excited to be sharing her love of all things tarot and even more with the world community as the Editor of Tarot Sushi. She also works with Faerie Energy for reading and healing. She specializes in Behavior Kinesiology, helping clients release self-sabotage and other negative behaviors, using muscle testing and sound vibration. Terri has guested on Seattle area radio stations. She can be found doing readings on a regular basis at her local coffee shop and apothecary.

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