Rachel’s Esoteric Journey

By Lorraine Kemble

                                                                    4. Emperor

RWS Tarot 04 Emperor

                                                                                             Image from RWS Tarot

Rachel becomes desperate for her constant feeling of a sickening revulsion for her ever straying husband. She sees her sole purpose as bringing up her three adored children with whom her husband seldom wants to spend time. However, Zach lavishes all that money and education can buy upon them; to reap the admiration of others. 

Everybody likes Rachel because of her grace and humility, yet, regal characteristics. She speaks to anybody and always finds the right conversation. She uses the wisdom and warmth that she has gained and is busy teaching her children to be helpful to people in need. 

One day, unwittingly, she is at a school event where she meets another man, much older than herself. He has been recently widowed and has children at the same school. He stands for everything that Rachel's husband sadly doesn't possess; being a man of high rank and principles. At first, Rachel was scared to talk to him, suspecting what might be said. After all, for years, she had successfully been keeping secret what she inwardly felt. 

This man, called Reginald after hearing about Rachel's myriad kindly ways, asks her to be his secretary. He possesses many collections and files and is an obsessive authority figure. Set in his ways, he thinks that Rachel would be a perfect managerial figure. She thinks that security and protection is a good trait, having been unfamiliar with it. 

Rachel impermanently accepts Reginald's neediness of her, which she is so appreciative of. However, soon, she keeps noticing that he has a cold, steely look in his eyes, which slightly gnaws in her stomach. It doubtlessly can be stated that he is abusive in a different way from Rachel's husband, who now ignores her, living completely separate lives.

Numerically, The Emperor is four. The deep meaning is that it completes a square; also binding us in the material world.

The Zodiac sign for The Emperor is Aries.

Astrologically, the rulership is by Mars, a planet of sexual desire, energy, force, and aggression.


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