Visionary Path Tarot

Reviewed by Lalia Wilson


The Visionary Path Tarot a 78-card deck by Lucy Delics 

Published by Park Street Press (2020)

Cards are 4” X 5.5”

78 cards plus a 32-page booklet

ISBN: 978-1-64411-060-7

This 78-card card black & white deck was created by visionary artist Lucy Delics. The psychedelic art includes magical esoteric symbols, shamanic plant medicine, tarot archetypes, and high-vibration patterns. The card designs are B&W bordered in purple as shown here, the reverse design is purple, plus black & white. Thus, the cards are not reversible-friendly. The accompanying booklet tells more about the artist’s journey than the cards themselves. There are four to five keywords for each card in both the upright and the reversed positions.

Although there are 78 cards, with which most tarot enthusiasts are familiar, they do not have the standard images of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot clones, or the Thoth system, or the Marseilles system. You will need to learn the symbols on these cards anew. 

At first, I was taken aback by the non-traditional images and the black and white color pallet. But these cards grew on me. If you have never studied the tarot, then you will bring "beginner's mind" to this deck and perhaps benefit the most. Those whose primary experience is with the R-W-S style decks will have a bit of new material to learn. If your tarot experience is oriented towards the Thoth or Marseilles decks, then you already know there is a great variety in tarot and new quirks with each deck.

I’m posting images of the lovely reverse side of the cards, and the three cards I most liked.

Reverse side Visionary Path tarot Dec 2020  20201128 0001

The Judgment card shows a Phoenix and includes an allusion to the City of Phoenix with the saguaro cactus. The sun is prominent in the card as it is also in the desert and City of Phoenix, suggesting one of the meanings of the Judgment card, that all our sins, or improprieties, will be revealed someday. Why not start now making amends?

Judgment Visionary Path tarot Dec 2020  20201128 0001

The Death card shows an Egyptian burial mask and the Egyptian god of the funerary practices and care of the dead, Anubis. We see the feather and the heart, the way we are judged by the Egyptian gods—is our heart heavier than a feather? We also see the mark of the eternal life, birth and rebirth, the lemniscate. This figure-eight symbol also invokes the Egyptian Ankh symbol, a cross with the upper piece being oval instead of a single bar. 

Death Visionary Path tarot Dec 2020  20201128 0001

The Ace of Pentacles, more than any other I have seen, evokes the creation of physical forms. We see the earth and the heavens, the mountains and the rivers and the leaves of the trees. We also are shown the connection of the Ace-of-Pentacles energy with physical form.

Ace of Pentacles Visionary Path tarot Dec 2020  20201128 0001

This deck is for you if you find yourself attracted to the art and symbols, if you are ready for a new tarot adventure, or if you are a student of symbols and mythology. If you are tied to the R-W-S deck and its medieval images, then you will have trouble with this one. However, we are at the turning of the year and maybe it is time for a new tarot adventure!

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