The Light Seer’s Tarot

Reviewed by Lalia Wilson

The Light Seer’s Tarot: A 78 Card Deck & Guidebook (2019) by Chris-Anne, published by Hay House, Inc.

This lovely full-color deck comes in a compact, portable (and permanent) storage box measuring 2 ¾ inches x 4 ¾ inches x 2 inches. If you check reviews of this deck online you will find that some of the original decks sold had poor quality paper stock and printing. That problem is now solved. The cards are finished with a matte lamination designed to keep the cards flexible and light for shuffling while maintaining durability. The cards and 192-page guidebook are just slightly smaller than the box so that they fit snugly. The guidebook features detailed keywords, meanings, and a mantra for each card. Also, each card has a "Light Seer" meaning and a "Shadow Seer" meaning, which might represent the extremes in the interpretation of the card, or the upright versus the reversed interpretations of the card. The guidebook also includes a brief intro to tarot for beginners, five new tarot spreads, and an exercise for finding your light seer and shadow seer card. The deck is Rider-Waite-Smith in style but modernized. The cards are borderless, something where tarot readers have different opinions about the merits of border versus no border. 

The cards themselves, though following the R-W-S tradition, have different details and lack some of the traditional symbolism. Again, this is a matter in which readers will differ as to whether that is positive or negative. But you can look at these three cards on this page to get a feel for this deck. (Usually, I feature cards from the reviewed deck on the Scopes page but that was not possible this month. In a future Scopes article you will see more from this deck.)

Cards shown are the Ace of Wands, the Eight of Wands, and The World. The Ace of Wands shows how human actions in the world start as impulses in the spirit-mind. The flame of inspiration is shown in the woman’s head, slightly above her third eye. She closes her physical eyes to capture the inspiration before taking action. The card shows the inspiration as a flame, corresponding to the Fire element. The card has a preponderance of fire colors, reds, oranges, and yellows. The message of the card is the instant of the spark of inspiration that just proceeds action. Drawing this card prompts us to listen to our inspirations. The affirmation given for the Ace of Wands is, “I seed my brilliant future with the roots of creativity and inspiration.”

Ace of Wands Nov 2020 Light Seers Review 20200928 0001

The Eight of Wands card, again with the red-orange-yellow of the fire element, depicts intense action. The fiery, speedy, present-time meaning of this card is clear. The shadow seer or reversed meaning delays. This would be a good meditation card for anyone feeling bored, blocked, or stymied. The mantra is, "It's go time. I fall into the flow of this quickening energy and I quickly face my desires, head-on.” 

Eight of Wands Nov 2020 Light Seers Review 20200928 0001

Finally, we look at The World card. Traditionally the card shows a naked woman inside an oval with animals representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac: the Bull for Taurus, the Lion for Leo, the Eagle for Scorpio, and a human for Aquarius. Here we have a woman clothed in a dress inside a circle with symbols representing non-physical dimensions surrounding her. The dress is important as it has the colors of the rainbow representing the seven major chakras, starting at the bottom of the dress with red. Here the implication is that the path to a successful life is to open all your chakras. Indeed, if we look closely we see the white light of spirit going from above to her head, suggesting that all her spiritual circuits are connected. The meaning of this card is the completion of a cycle or great work. The shadow side is also completion, but by cutting corners. Perhaps “cutting corners” suggests that we ignore some of our chakras, as is true for most of humanity. The mantra for The World is, “I accept this gift of completion and I ascend to new levels of awareness and wholeness. I am love.”

The World Nov 2020 Light Seers Review 20200928 0001

For anyone open to a modern interpretation of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this deck is for you.


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