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By Lalia Wilson

Happy Solstice/Yule, Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, or whatever December holiday you celebrate. December brings positive changes to our planet as Jupiter and Saturn move out of the tropical sign Capricorn into Aquarius and join together at the first degree of Aquarius on the day of the Capricorn Solstice.  Jupiter and Saturn align together once every 20 years, forming a new cycle of public life, economics, and politics. (Some years, due to retrograding, they may join three times about the same degree.) These 20-year cycles are in the same element for about 200 years, and this 200-year cycle is also being initiated in 2020, moving from conjunctions in the earth signs to the air signs. Remember that the planets move slowly, and it will be several years before our new direction is clear. But remember, 2020 still has some tricks left. The first two weeks of December are part of the semi-annual Eclipse Season because there is a Lunar Eclipse (Sun at 8+ degrees Sagittarius, Moon at 8+ degrees Gemini) on November 30th and a Solar Eclipse two weeks later (December 14th) with the Sun at 23+ degrees of Sagittarius. If your birthday is the day before, the day of, or the day after either eclipse, your coming year will be much different than before.

In celebration of this lightening of burdens, we are using four oracle decks to emphasize the positives in our lives. 

The Fire signs are depicted by The Intuitive Mandala Cards by Ashley Snow (2014) published by Indie Goes, and available as an app for free on Amazon, they are also available elsewhere. A new deck of physical cards, with some additions to this deck, will be available in 2021, Ashley Snow tells us.

The Earth signs are shown by The Angel Feather Oracle Cards by Michelle Newton (2014), Published by Michelle Newton AOC. These cards are available as an app, as a Kindle book, or as physical cards and book. 

The Air signs are represented using Chakra Cards for Belief Change: The Healing InSight Method Cards (2020) created by Nikki Gresham-Record and published by Findhorn Press.

The Water signs are shown by The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love 2nd Edition, Expanded (2020) by Nadine Gordon-Taylor, published by Bear & Company. 

I choose various decks to illustrate each month's drawings to show the versatility and variety of tarot, to emphasize a particular season or sign, and because some are my favorites. 

Aries: Universal Love: 

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Dear Aries, your love bank is overflowing. Everything looks good for secret or low-key, but hot between the sheets, relationships. Couples may find this to be a good time to spend by themselves. Other than benefiting your sex life, Universal Love indicates more non-corporeal forms of love as well. Enjoy being loved this month.

Taurus: Turquoise Angel Feather: Expect Good Luck:

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Dear Taurus, good luck is always welcome. In this case, good luck will have to do with a project or job that has kept you busy for up to the last two years. It's deserved good luck, not a gift. You earned it. That said, you don't get a free pass to do whatever you want this month. Your hard work earned this reward, but you still need to live up to your high standards.

Gemini: Heart Chakra Harmony:


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Gemini, you tend to be a flighty person, up with the latest thing and flitting from one fun activity to another. This month you are called to be more heart-centered and mindful of your example to others. With all the fireworks in the heavens, you need to provide stability and calm on earth.

Cancer: Genesis, The Birth of Consciousness, Your Talent Shines:

Cancer Heart Path Oracle Scopes Dec 2020  20201127 0001

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Dear Cancer, for your health, mental if not physical, you need to keep your hands busy. If you are a crafter, knitter, woodworker, or something like that, spend a lot of time using your hands and those talents. This is therapeutic even if your main-talent is something more abstract like writing, teaching, or strategizing. Prime the pump of your creativity this month, and your talent will shine. 

Leo: Divine Mother:

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Dear Leo, you are important in ways that your ego may not comprehend. This Divine Mother energy is present to soothe your wounds of the spirit and body. Expect a surprise with a child or a creative work this month. Know that you are fertile.

Virgo: Purple Angel Feather: Channel Divine Grace: 

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Dear Virgo, you are always caring for others in selfless ways, and now your reward is to channel divine grace/mercy/love in addition to everything else. Your exemplary attention to your duties has given you this new ability to be of even more service to mankind. How will you use it?

Libra: Sacral Chakra, Letting Go:


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Dear Libra, It is time to let go of your struggles over the last few years. Some things turned out fine, others not so much. At this point as the celestial forces, more on it is time to sweep out the old projects, let go of your emotional attachments, and let yourself be open to something new and more suited to who you are now.

Scorpio: Heartmind: Transformative Space: You make a difference:

Scorpio Heart Path Oracle Scopes Dec 2020  20201127 0001

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Dear Scorpio, this oracle suggests that you make a difference for others and that you are now in a position for a positive transformation yourself. Your calm, brutal honesty, and ability to be with others who are at their most challenged is a blessing to the planet. Meditate on the image for more clarity.

Sagittarius: Fall Rewards:

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Dear Sagittarius, we don’t know for sure if this means Fall Rewards between now and December 21st, the solstice, or Fall Rewards in coming September (and March for those in the southern hemisphere). The oracle suggests that your attention to your creative and/or work projects will bring rewards within the year. Continue your good work, and know it will be recognized in the coming season.

Capricorn: Ruby Angel Feather: Two Hearts Sealed as One:

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Dear Capricorn, after a long period of hard life-work, love is going to bloom. You and your fated partner will become one. If you already know this person, your commitment will grow. If you are single and looking (or not looking) your fated partner will appear in your world. Enjoy the benefits of love, as it is not always our lot in life.

Aquarius: The Root Chakra: Physical Body:


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Dear Aquarius, as the noted thinker of the zodiac, you tend to ignore your body and dwell in your head. However, to keep that sharp mind working well you need a good diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep. (You also need to pay attention to your emotions.) Make a resolution, and adhere to it, that you will care for your body so that you can function well all the days of your life.

Pisces: Communion: Protective Frequencies:

Pisces Heart Path Oracle Scopes Dec 2020  20201127 0001

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Dear Pisces, you are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Sensitive in the way of absorbing the vibrations of people, places, and things around you. This month you are reminded to protect yourself through methods you likely already know. Avoid (if you can) people, places, and things that are harmful to you. Take time to let go of bad vibes when you leave a difficult scene. You can do this by walks in nature, ritual baths, meditation, chanting, and other means. 


You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low-cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date, and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your reigning needs, emotions, and flexibility.

The tarot cards used as illustrations for this column are ones that I or the editor, Terri Clement, admire and want to share with you. Note that decks have subtle differences of meaning as they are reinterpreted by a new creator/artist, and, of course, the tarot reader. Enjoy that flexibility of meaning and the artwork of these various decks. Reading articles with illustrations like these will help you determine the tarot decks that most fit you. If you get bored seeing my favorites, I’m open to suggestions and gifts.

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