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October 2020
By Lalia Wilson

Welcome October! This is one of the best times of the climatological year. Astrologically the year is still difficult. Mercury goes retrograde on October the 13th until November 3rd which is Election Day in the U.S.A. Mercury retrograde is advantageous for redoing anything, reediting, refiling, renovating, rehabbing, reinforcing… But it is havoc with communications and computer systems, as well as contributing to vehicle problems and travel difficulties. There are some tricks to benefiting from Mercury retrograde. Use it to reread favorite books, re-watch favorite videos, but also in your daily travels take a different route than usual for the whole 3 ½ weeks.  You could take the same alternate path each day, or even vary those routes. Instead of Mercury retrograde shaking you up, let yourself experience some chaos in your daily life. 

October still has the gang-up of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in the sign Capricorn, which is squeezing our governmental systems with the ultimate outcome of reform—but how much pain will we endure before saying “enough?” That pattern begins to break up the end of December. Of more importance this month is that Mars is also retrograde—see September’s Scopes article. In between Mercury and Mars being retrograde for the second half of October, avoid major purchases, especially vehicle purchases. Rent or borrow a car until after 11/13. In this issue of Scopes you will see the life area impacted by Mercury retrograde for your sign.

I said this last month, but will repeat myself. If you have a Libra or Scorpio Ascendant (in particular) avoid any elective surgeries. You may want a cosmetic procedure, but hold off until after 11/13. This is especially true if you are getting a “deal.” You will not be happy.

All cards were randomized before these drawings with four decks being used. We had two duplicated cards, The Fool, and Justice. Be alert to the areas of your life in which you are “The Fool.” Give yourself some leeway, but don’t make major decisions in that area of life. The Justice card is a reminder to play by the rules. If you see others’ foolishness and prey upon it, expect retribution. Needless to say, foolishness and legal matters will both be in the news this month. Among other things, October is when the US Supreme Court begins its annual hearing and deciding of cases.

The Fire signs are depicted by The Twisted Tarot Tales (2016-2020) by Christine Aguilar and James Battersby, available at . (A note about this deck, when I got it there were multiples of many cards allowing the reader to choose which version of a particular card they want. James has continued adding new cards, so there are even more options. As the reader you can select your favorite High Priestess from at least three options, and similarly select from other cards’ many versions, or you might try reading with the super-sized deck. What would you do if you got three Justice cards in a reading?) The Earth signs are shown by The Tarot of the Haunted House (2018) Sasha Graham writer and Mirco Pierfederici artist, published by Llewellyn. The Air signs are represented using the Ghost Tarot (2017) by Deborah Blake and Elizabeth Alba, published by Llewellyn. The Water signs are shown by the Halloween Tarot (1996) by Karin Lee, art by Kipling West, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 

I choose various decks to illustrate each month’s drawings so as to show the versatility and variety of tarot, to emphasize a particular season or sign, and because some are my favorites. For October, with Halloween as the last day of the month, I went with four Horror/Halloween-themed decks. The spooky theme is very popular for tarot decks. 

Aries: The High Priestess and the Five of Wands: 

Aries Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Aries, you have a repeat of the Five of Wands from last month. Your ruler, Mars, is retrograde, indicating that others have the advantage over you until after November 13th. The Five of Wands is altercations, fights that can be legal, physical, or emotional. Don’t stir the pot. On the plus side your intuition is absolutely accurate, especially regarding your significant other. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your joint financial accounts and partnership during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Taurus: The Fool and the Seven of Swords:

Taurus Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Taurus, you are coping with major life changes due to the seven year transit of Uranus in your fixed sign Taurus. You hardly know who you are and others are mystified. It is time to be gentle with yourself and be a beginner of this new phase of your life. The Seven of Swords is a caution to abide the rules. If anyone is hoodwinked, it will likely be you. Take appropriate health precautions. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your partnership and health issues during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Gemini: Justice and the Ace of Wands:

Gemini Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Gemini, you have the urge to start a new sexual or romantic relationship. Not so fast. Notice all the wonderful possibilities, but don’t commit yourself this month. Legal matters look good for you this month. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your health status and regimen plus your children, love affairs, and creativity during the period 10/13 to 11/3. Since Mercury is your ruling planet, you tend to be more adversely effected than others when Mercury is retrograde.

Cancer: Justice and the Ace of Bats (Swords)

Cancer Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Cancer, matters of your home and family are foremost in your mind this month. The current psychic atmosphere is very favorable for you to think logically and intelligently. Thus, your writing or your spoken words are more likely to deliver positive results. If you are involved in a legal matter, it may be overwhelming. For sure, do not initiate any legal processes at this time unless you want them to fail. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your children, love affairs and creative efforts and then your home during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Leo: The Magician and the Queen of Wands:

Leo Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Leo, it looks like an interesting month. As a Leo, you adore being the center of attention, which is unlikely this month. A sister may take the spotlight or a beautiful neighbor. You will be back in the spotlight later in the year, providing you keep your equanimity and avoid the emotional and medical consequences of a sullen mood. Take care of any chronic health problems. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your home and neighborhood during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Virgo: The Lovers and the Six of Pentacles: 

Virgo Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Virgo, love is on your mind. If you are isolated because of covid-19, you may be unable to see your lover, or unable to connect with new people. Career matters seem insignificant. Remember always to be charitable towards those who have less than you do. This particular Six of Pentacles suggests the (old European folklore) practice of putting out a snack for the little creatures, some magical, that help us in our lives. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your neighborhood and personal finances during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Libra: The Hanged Man and the Ten of Pentacles:

Libra Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Libra, your life is somewhat in a stasis due to covid-19. Your personal energy and attractiveness are highlighted this month. The big changes or worries are around your family, perhaps you are worried about older relatives. Plus you may have some vague health concerns that so far are undiagnosed. When you know it’s time, see your medical professional. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your personal financial accounts and body/face/vitality during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Scorpio: The Fool and the Eight of Bats (Swords):

Scorpio Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Scorpio, significant people in your life: spouse, lover, business partner… are behaving in strange, uncharacteristic ways. As if there was any good time for this, the self-isolation doesn’t help matters. The Eight of Bats (Swords) is always a message to open our eyes and see how we have contributed to our own imprisonment. You have the key to this matter and can free yourself. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your body, face, and vitality and your inner life during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Sagittarius: The Hermit and the King of Swords:

Sagittarius Oct 2020 Scopes prefered 20200915 0001

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Dear Sagittarius, the Hermit card likely speaks to the isolation during this time of covid-19. Business and public matters look good for smaller victories. Wise friends are especially helpful this month. The King of Swords reminds you to use reason and logic, either adopt them yourself, or find yourself reprimanded by another who represents the King of Swords. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your inner life and your friendships during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Capricorn: Strength and the Four of Cups: 

Capricorn Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Capricorn, well one interpretation of these two cards is the end of a significant relationship and feeling sad about it, but bearing up. You are the responsible one of the zodiac. That Strength card is telling you that you are still responsible for other’s collective money or joint accounts. You must be 100% responsible, even though you can argue that you are not and that another should be. Doesn’t life suck when you always have to be the grown up? Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your friendships and your public identity during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Aquarius: The Sun and the Five of Cups:

Aquarius Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Aquarius, the Sun points to your fated partner, the royal Leo. Thus romance is on the offing. Remember that your partner expects to be treated like a VIP. Doing so, treating him/her royally, will vastly improve your romantic encounters. This is a great month to be traveling, if that is possible. A romantic retreat looks like heaven. Your outlook on life brightens and the world is your oyster. Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your public identity and your mental travels during the period 10/13 to 11/3.

Pisces: The World and the Six of Ghosts (Cups):

Pisces Oct 2020 Scopes 20200915 0001

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Dear Pisces, you are naturally dreamy and other-worldly, frequently lost in fantasies. This month is no exception. Your friends are acting as the stabilizers, the reality-checkers. You need their clarity and input, even though life is softer and “nicer” without their sometimes harsh words. Needless to say, if the dreaminess is due to substance abuse, stop! Mercury’s retrograde antics will impact your mental outlook and your joint finances during the period 10/13 to 11/3.


You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your reigning needs, emotions, and flexibility.

The tarot cards used as illustrations for this column are ones that I or the editor, Terri Clement, admire and want to share with you. Note that decks have subtle differences of meaning as they are reinterpreted by a new creator/artist, and, of course, the tarot reader. Enjoy that flexibility of meaning and the artwork of these various decks. Reading articles with illustrations like these will help you determine the tarot decks that most fit you. If you get bored seeing my favorites, I’m open to suggestions and gifts.

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