The Shadowland Tarot

Review by Terri Clement


Created by Monica Bodirsky
Published by Red Feather

Retail U.S.: $39.99
Released 2020

The moment I opened the box, I knew I was in love with this deck. The Shadowland Tarot is a brilliant RWS stylized deck with a twist. Bodirsky's monsters and creatures deliver playful and soul-searching messages.

The box is a heavy-duty cigar style box with a magnetic closure. The deck is housed in a recess inside the box leaving room for the 208-page paperback book sits above the deck.

The cards have gold gilded edges and are printed on a flexible cardstock with a matte finish. The cards measure 2 5/8" wide x 4 3/4" tall. With the gilded edges, some of the cards were stuck together when I received the deck, but they easily separated.

The card backs are reversible friendly card. There are mirror images of a bat on the top and bottom. The background is yellow with black vines around the edges.


The suits have RWS titles; Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups. The courts are titled: Page, Knight, Queen, King. Strength is number 8. Justice is number 11. A couple of the Major Arcana have non-typical names. Fool is Seeker, and Judgement is titled Discretion.

The suit symbols do vary a bit. Pentacles may appear as coins or pentacles, Wands may appear as staves or sticks but, also you will find cut wood, Swords may be seen as pins or spikes, Cups are cups, but also you will find bottles and cans.

The book has glossy pages and has fully illustrated images of each card. Along with the illustrations, descriptions, and meanings, the book has several spreads designed to go along with the deck, from simple 3-card spreads to a 13 Moon Tarot spread. My favorite part of the book is the "Reflections" for each card. Reflections are a list of questions that relate to each one.

Here is a look at a few cards from the deck:



Here we see a dryad (tree spirit), she offers her body as a refuge for all. One "Reflection" question for the Empress, "Do I feel comfortable giving as well as receiving?"



This card features a charioteer that is driving two spiders while riding on their backs. Her hair covers her face and eyes. She has to trust her intuition.


ShadowDevil 1

Here we have a typical Pan-like creature. He is smoking and drinking. He only cares about himself and living in the moment.

The Shadowland Tarot is a fantastic deck for shadow work and inner child work. It both brings out those things that we try to keep buried. It is quirky but charming. Truly, a beautiful balance. Whether you are brand new to the Tarot or a seasoned professional, this is a deck you will want in your collection. By far, my favorite deck of 2020.

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